Embedded Linux

What's the course about
In the past few years, the use of Linux in embedded devices has skyrocketed. Televisions, phones, automobiles, ATMs: you name it, it probably has Linux running in it. Linux is an open source platform,so we can view and verify it even from the kernel level. As we are dealing with embedded systems we must integrate hardware and software according to our needs. So Linux provides the best option as we can even write basic kernel level drivers according to our requirements.
Course objective
The Linux training gives the developers an in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel architecture and reveals critical points of adapting the Linux kernel to an embedded application in a timely manner. Our 'Linux device driver' training teaches the developers about the various drivers available under Linux and provides the essential skills to rapidly and effectively create device drivers for Linux systems. The use of 'Raspberry pi' ensures to have an in-depth knowledge of interfacing with the real world examples.
Key course contents
Overview for Embedded Linux Architecture of Linux and its kernel
File systems in Linux Linux shell scripting
Memory management Linux system Programming
Inter Process Communication techniques Process Synchronisation with semaphore and Mutex
Importance of signals, interrupts and exceptions System calls and socket programming
Kernel Module programming Implementation of Character device driver
Board bring up with Raspberry pi Introduction to Internet of Things(IoT)
Examples on IoT    
Eligibility Criteria
The course is available for professionals and B.E./B.Tech./ B.Sc or diploma students in ECE, EEE,E& I, or CS, IT engineering fields.
Job opportunities
Linux now powers everything from mobile devices to enterprise management systems to consumer electronics. Due to its scalability, configurability and affordability, embedded Linux has become a highly desirable operating system for embedded design. It has an immense scope and endless opportunities.
Course Outcomes
After successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to configure a Linux kernel for using it in the embedded, real-time systems and thus develop an optimized real-time software for such a system.
Job Roles
Embedded Linux Device driver Developer,Embedded Linux EngineerEmbedded Linux Software Engineer, IOT Engineer, Embedded Linux Developer, Embedded Software Engineer, Linux System Programmerare the popular job roles in the embedded Linux domain.
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